kristin & jozabed

on july 22, 2012, jozabed asked out kristin and made her the luckiest girl in front of disney's cinderella castle <3

you're welcome to follow me and follow along in our journey together in photograph form!! :)

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cograts on your 2 year :)


Thank you :)

kisses for my love. 

my love and i celebrating our two year anniversary in Magic Kingdom. <3

A sweet polaroid at a magical place where he asked me to be his girlfriend 2 years ago. It was so sweet to celebrate our 2 year anniversary here this week! I love you, sweetheart. I can’t wait to have more adventures with you <3

I know I’ve been slacking when it comes to uploading portraits of Jozabed & I but here are a few from our 2 year anniversary! We haven’t been here in Magic Kingdom together since he asked me out in front of the Disney Cinderella castle 2 years ago. Little did we know that we would be back to celebrate 2 years of being together years later. I’m so blessed to call him my boyfriend. We shared so many kisses and filled our sweet tooth. Sat on the front row for all rides and also ended the day with a beautiful fireworks show. A whole day in Disney world with this sweet guy was such a magical day! What a romantic and fun day it was. I love you, Jozabed! I can’t wait to see what new adventures we’ll unfold together!!!

Disney Food

I know this isn’t a picture of jbed and I but if you’ve been following along in our relationship, you would’ve known that Jbed asked me out in front of Disney’s Cinderella castle! We haven’t been there together since he ask me out and we’re going here together for our 2 year anniversary. SO crazy and I’m so excited!!!!

<3 <3 <3

i love this guy so much!

Your bf and you are so cute((: ! I love your photos :D !


Aw thank you :) you’re very sweet. it has been awhile since we’ve done some pictures but we’re planning on doing a couple tomorrow since he’s taking me out for my birthday!!! Very lucky he’s in my life :)

Amazing blog :3♥ mind checking mine out please? xx


Will do :)